Friday, 21 March 2014

Barcelona Blog - Day 2

Hola! Day 2 in Barcelona has made my feet ache. Again lots and lots of walking its a good thing that the weather is just right, it's about 18'C so not too hot to tire you out and pleasent enough that you know you are not in the UK. ;-p

We started off with a good buffet breakfast. There was a good selection of everything, although I've been to many hotels to know not to try everything on the first day. So I opted for the pancakes today, I added a drizzle of honey, Nutella, dried fruit, walnuts and fruit. I had fresh orange juice (which I hope was from fresh local Spanish oranges) and coffee too, to get my caffeine fix as there wasn't any green tea, I'll have to look again tomorrow. 

Our first tourist spot of the day was FC Barcelona football stadium AKA Nou Camp, I was quite excited even though I'm not a footy fan but have grown up around football. It was my first ever trip to a football stadium and it was amazing. We went along the self-guided tour and visited the museum, there were A LOT of cups and trophies to see. My brother thinks I will start watching football more now...we'll see. 

Then we headed towards the Montjuic area, where there was massive fountain display, called the Magic Fountain. Apparently there have light and sound shows in the night, so we might go back there tomorrow. We were making our way towards the cable cars through the park and ended up getting a bit lost (my sense of direction was a bit off today, I don't know why...) which made us hike up unknown trails.... Sorry mum! But it wasn't too bad, getting lost is part of the adventure right?! It creates memories, we have something to laugh about now and a story to tell. ;-) 

Anyway we went on the cable car, which was very quick and I think we were too tired to enjoy it properly and was happy to end up at the beach, Yay! The beach was lovely! Lots of people enjoying the sun and sand, not so much the sea as it was really really cold and a little rough. We did see some people surfing. A nice calm walk along the beach completes a holiday for me, where we ended up at the marina before we headed back to the hotel to clean up before dinner. 


For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant, where I had a tuna tortilla taco with wedges, it was such a cute healthy portion, but filling enough that I was satisfied. There's a shopping centre right opposite our hotel, which is very convenient, so we went to some of the shops there, like carrefour which we don't get in the UK. 


All in all a very good day with some beautiful sights and scenes of the city, my mum made us soak our feet in the bath tub at our hotel, which was nice and relaxing. Need to reenergise for our final full day tomorrow touring the lovely city of Barcelona. 

Ciao! :-) 

Be Happy! Be Healthy! 

By Ayshabibi H. 
Writing from Barcelona, Spain. 
20th March 2014 

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