Monday, 16 June 2014

Workplace Snacking

Hello! Hope you are all well. I have always realised that healthy snacking in any situation can be a problem, whether you are at home, with friends, family or even on holiday. In every environment there are choices to be made that have an impact on your health and well-being. However, having recently started a part-time office-based job I have come to realise how easy it is to fall into this unhealthy trap. But don’t worry I am here, to help you and give you to tips on how you can turn this around and learn to fight against the nibbles and treats that just keep creeping back

So, yes I have started a new job (yay me!) and I am surrounded by lovely people but sometimes not so lovely healthy foods. People bring in treats to share like; cakes, biscuits, chocolates, crisps, which is all well and kind and thoughtful but my health and body is not going to appreciate it.

From day one I knew that I would want to snack and keep throwing something in my mouth whilst at the desk so I came prepared. Planning and preparation is key! And when you feel your naughty side creeping out especially when someone offers you something unhealthy I learn to say, ‘No thank you’, with a lovely smile of course, not like you are judging them or looking down on them. It is important, especially myself being a nutritionist to help, guide and educate others around me. And from the stories I have heard it is not just my new workplace that is like this, every workplace has this problem. But I hope there is 'health freak' or a healthy role model in every workplace or even in group of school friends that can help steer the others in the right direction. 

So now I take in fruits and snacks to share with my colleagues and I offer my own snacks too. Yes, I do get laughed at sometimes but in a nice way, not in a bullying way, because I still feel there is a negative stigma to being healthy, which there shouldn’t be at all. But I stick to my guns and slowly slowly I hope to see changes in every workplace. I've seen one change already! For example, changing from chocolate digestives to rich tea, saving you about 50 calories per biscuit. Small changes make a big difference.

Here are some tips to help you keep healthy in the workplace:

  • Make your own snack packs. I buy a big pack of fruit and nuts and put some in a small bag/container. It’s cheap, easy and healthy. I adapt it a bit by adding some more almonds and cashew nuts because I like them.
  • Fruits, keep up your 5-a-day. Fruits are sweet and nutritious. It will keep you healthy and alert. Have them whole or here’s what I do I cut them up into bit sized peices, put them in a plastic container. No extra hassle and easy to eat.
  • Energy bars. I did a recent review on energy/snack bars and how high in sugar they can be. So I decided to make my own. They are so easy to make and if I make them on a Sunday, I cut them up into bars and wrap them in foil, store in fridge and grab it before I head out to work or anywhere else.
  • Yoghurt pots. A nice healthy cooling and refreshing snack to have or as a dessert with your lunch. I top mine with fruit and granola to make it a bit more exciting. I am going to make and take in fruit parfaits for my colleagues to try out. I’m sure they are going to love it!
  • Keep hydrated. Remember to keep sipping on water, have a bottle next to you. You need to keep you mind refreshed and working. Your brain can actually confuse you and make you think are hungry when you are really thirsty and dehydrated. So have a glass of water first.
  • Graze it! If you still find it hard, why not try the Graze snack box. You have it all ready for you, there is a wide range of snacks to choose from and you get the first free! 


This is all like making your own convenience foods. You now get cut up fruit too in local supermarkets in the lunch section along with sandwiches, smoothies, fruit juices. But when you have it every day, it can get a bit costly, I would rather make my own.

Remember encourage others; make them change to the healthy way rather them changing you to the unhealthy way. And learn the power of saying ‘No, thank you!’ :-)

Do you have the same problems too? Let me know what you do to try and keep healthy and avoid the unhealthy treats, or do you tend to break under the pressure? 

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Be Happy! Be Healthy!

By Ayshabibi ANutr
A H Nutritionist
June 2014

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