Sunday, 23 March 2014

Barcelona Blog - Day 4 (and overall review)

It was our last (half) day in Barcelona - We didn’t plan anything for today apart from pack, have breakfast, get ready and leave for the airport. We did however, pop into the local market, my mum couldn’t resist.

Last day breakfast. 
For breakfast I had scrambled egg on toast and I had to try the little apple custard-like tart that had been staring at me for the past two days, with a glass of orange juice, I just had a coffee from the coffee machine in our room, which I have grown to love! But I am upset that they didn’t have green tea, maybe I should request it or take my own tea bags next time.

It was very sunny and humid, would have been great to sit by the beach all day, but unfortunately we had to say bye-bye to Barcelona and get back home. We got to the airport just in time, with a little fast walking and running.  
A few handy snacks to have whilst touring. 
The hotel was great too, it made our trip enjoyable. I find that the hotel often sets the mood for the whole trip too. A nice place to relax and come back to at the end of the day can make all the difference, you can read about my review of the hotel on Trip Advisor soon, (Yes, I’m a Trip Advisor freak).

Map of the city of Barcelona. 
Overall, we all enjoyed out holiday. I ticked off all sites we planned to see, lots and lots of walking, amazing views from hill tops, lovely architecture, my first time in a football stadium and of course the beach. 

Map of Metro. 
The highlight for me was the La Boqueria market off La Rambla, I would go again just for that. I think 4 days is good to visit the main attractions, if you want to take it easy a bit you could stretch it to a week instead. I would like to go again, with only a 2 hour flight, I could even go for the day; morning flight got the La Boqueria market, beach and get back on the evening flight! Hmmmm….maybe you never know, I’ve got myself thinking now. We’ll if you’ve been before and know the metro system (which isn’t too different form London), I’d say it can be done. 

Although, south of Spain is on my list too, Malaga, AndalucĂ­a seems like such a beautiful place. Thank you for reading my daily blogs of my trip, I have definitely enjoyed sharing it with you all, hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it too! Let me know if you’ve been too, or would like to go, I’d love to hear from you.

Nightly ritual, writing up the daily blog posts on the hotel desk. 
If you have any questions, feel free to ask I will be happy to help.

Be Happy! Be Healthy!

By Ayshabibi H. 
Back in London, UK. 
23rd March 2014.

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