Saturday, 22 March 2014

Barcelona Blog - Day 3

Hola! Had another great day in Barcelona, all the days went more or less according to my pre-planned itinerary. We jam-packed a lot in the three days visiting all the main sites. Success! 
Breakfast today was a lovely muesli topped with fresh and dried fruit, walnuts, yoghurt and honey. It was very tasty, a nice healthy start to the day. We went to the beach after for a little while but didn't stay long as the weather was a bit cooler than the last two days. Some of the perks of the main beach is that it has free wifi which I haven't seen at any other beach, it also a gym and a nice family friendly environment. 

We found a market near our local station which we popped into to do a spot of shopping, have to get pressies for the family! Which lead to more shopping by going to the famous Catalunya and La Rambla. It was like the London equivalent of Oxford street and Southbank with some entertainment. 

This led to a market called Sant Joseph de La Boqueria it was just off La Rambla, it was like a mini-heaven for me. As soon as we went in all we saw were stalls and stalls of colourful exotic fresh fruit and juices. I had a mango and kiwi juice, a very tasty combo which I haven't tried before. Other stalls were selling all types of seafood, vegetables, olives, nuts, chocolates and more. It was definitely a great experience and a place I would visit again and fill my tummy up with if I was hungry enough and had the room. ;-)

After walking down and back up the La Rambla street, popping into shops here and there of course, we headed to the Magic Fountain to see the light and sound show. It was the perfect end to the holiday, a lovely show, nice and serene with a bit of a buzz. 

The best thing about holidays is you know that you have met your physical activity recommendation, I feel like I have walked enough for the whole week and more! I think my feet need some TLC now. Now time for the sad bit, packing up and leaving this lovely city and have to head back to reality. It's been a great holiday, I ticked off all the sights I wanted to see and I'll be leaving here with some good memories. Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip, I definitely enjoyed sharing it with you all. 

Remember, to be happy and be healthy. Let me know if you've visited Barcelona and what you thought of it. Did I miss out any attractions? Would love to hear your experiences too. 

(P.S. Sorry about the presentation and alignment of the photos, it had been so hard to edit the post and the pics on my iPad. It's bugging me, will fix it when I get back on my laptop).

Until next time ciao! 

Be Happy! Be Healthy! 

By Ayshabibi H. 
Writing from Barcelona, Spain. 
21st March 2014

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