Friday, 1 November 2013

Drop a Dress Size with these Simple Steps

Want to get toned and trim, but don’t want too much hassle? It could be as easy as having 100-200kcals less every day. Weight loss can only happen if we eat less calories and so finding some unnecessary calories in our diet can help us shift those extra pounds, slowly and healthily. Still not convinced? Here’s the maths:

If you cut 100 calories out of your diet every day for a year, you would lose 10lbs, that’s nearly 1 stone.

Minus 100kcals/day for 1yr = 10lbs = ¾ of a stone

If you had 200 calories less every day for a year, you would lose 20lbs, that’s about 1 and a half stones.

Minus 200kcals/day for 1yr = 20lbs = 1 ½ stones

Yes, one year may sound like a long time, but 100-200 calories isn’t that much either. Small changes really do make a big difference. Losing the weight slowly in a healthy way will most likely keep the excess weight off for longer. It’s all about retraining ourselves, thinking before we eat. Would we be better off without that one doughnut, a can of fizzy drink, or even that extra biscuit? Instead of having four, just have two, this way you are cutting down and limiting your intake rather than forbidding it from your diet overall.

So, what can you cut out, what does 100 or 200 calories look like? Below I have made a list of things that add up to 100/200 calories; feel free to cut out more than one food to increase the weight loss. I have also included some pictures to help you visualise the portion sizes of these foods.  

100 calories
200 calories
Matchbox size of cheese (30g)
Small handful (25 pieces) of jelly beans
4 heaped tsp of white sugar
1 Glazed doughnut
2 Gingernut biscuits
2 handfuls of salted pretzels (52g)
1 ½ Digestive biscuits
1 ½ can soft drink
9 Pringle crisps
¾ Blueberry muffin
3 Chocolate fingers
½ Snickers chocolate bar
¾ Plain scone
Handful of salted mixed nuts (33g)
4 Hershey kisses
(nearly 1 whole) Medium croissant
¾ Chappati
½ Plain bagel

100 Calories

200 Calories

If you prefer to keep active and do exercises instead, you can fit in some workouts that burn off 100 calories, quickly and easily. You can do this in addition to cutting out the foods above or you may just to get active and fit. Below, I have listed some of the exercises you can do to burn 100 calories;

Burn off your fat with these core intense workouts
How many minutes to burn 100 calories
Brisk walking
Jogging (even if it’s on the spot)
Skipping (moderate)
Star jumps
Steps (using stairs or stepper)
*Approximate figures, based on a 10 stone individual.

From this you can see just how much effort it takes to burn off a simple 100 calories, so before you bite into that extra biscuit think how long and how much effort it will take to burn it off.

Remember, it’s not all about the numbers; there are good calories and bad calories. Think about what the actual food is and how it would affect your body and your health. So, for example, cutting a medium banana from your diet because its 100 calories, is not the way to go about it. Keeping a healthy balanced diet is essential.


  • Click on this video link to help you understand calories in an interesting way ->> This is 200 Calories

-Be Happy, Be Healthy!-

By Ayshabibi Hafesji ANutr
A H Nutritionist

1st Nov 2013

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