Friday, 8 November 2013

EVENT: Nutrition and Health Live 2013

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely day. Last week Saturday on 2nd November 2013, I went to my first ever Nutrition and Health Live conference & expo. It’s an event for health professional in the nutrition and health industry, so a nutritionist like myself. It has been running for 14 years now and it is one of the biggest nutrition events.

When I came upon this event online, I knew I had to go to it, it was a perfect event for me to learn more about nutrition and health topics, to consolidate my knowledge and find out about new products, so I can relay the message to you all! And I learnt a lot! The talks were so inspiring and informative; I was just taking notes all day.

“Before we sell the dream, we need to live.”
Wayne Fields, What the River Knows.

I have highlighted some points from the talks on the day below, some topics I will cover in more detail in the future, comment below if you would like me to cover any topics in particular:
  • It costs the NHS about £200-£300 for an obese patient to have a consultation at the GP surgery, way more than if they went private to a dietitian/nutritionist. So, it would be very cost effective for the government to refer patients to us.
  • The 5:2 diet portrayed in commercial books and magazines are misrepresentations of the actual study that was carried out, the myths need to be cleared up.
  • Some food/taste consumed by the mother comes through in the breast milk, which varies the taste, making the child more accepting to a wider variety of foods, than a bottle fed child. However, genetic and environmental factors influence a child’s food preference.
  • I learnt about new techniques and new approaches to helping people to manage their weight.
  • Losing 5-10% of weigh reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes by 60% and breast cancer by 25-40%.
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (the good fat) help to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in under-performing children. However, children are still not getting enough omega 3 and 6 to help reduce this.
  • If you want to find out more, search #NHLive on twitter to see the tweets on both days of the event.

I also got to try lots of products, had lots of tasters and took home some goodies. Which I didn't even get to look at until the end of the day, as the day was so jam packed (a good thing). Some of the products and sponsors of the event were:

  • Belvita breakfast biscuits - wholegrain biscuits for those on the go. 
  • Danio – a thick fruit protein yoghurt, which I loved! I tried a few flavours and blueberry was my fave!
  • 9 bar – wholebake nutritious snack bars
  • Total yoghurt - Can be used in your cooking and baking, or simply as a snack by itself. 
  • Chobani - a new strained low-fat yoghurt. 
  • Popchips - popped crisps, low in fat.
  • Oatly – oat milk, dairy and soya free.
  • Truvia – a new calorie free natural sweetener made from the stevia plant, I actually chewed and ate the plant leaf and it was sweet!
  • Eqazen Eye Q Omega 3 - omega 3 and 6 supplements, suitable for children and adults. 
  • Flora pro-active – spreads and milk to help lower cholesterol.


“Bad habits are like comfortable bed, easy to get into, but harder to get out of.”

Another reason that made the event special was that I got to meet and see some of the well-known ‘celeb’ dieticians and nutritionists that we see on television, like Azmina Govindji (who knows my name!) and Lucy Jones (from the Food Hospital). As well as, some who I follow on Twitter and Facebook, whom I feel I have grown to know virtually but haven’t actually met in person, like Emma Carder, Nicola Whitehead and many more. I did get to know a few more health professionals that I did not know about too.

It was a long tiring yet amazing day! I regret not buying a ticket for the first day too, as there were different talk on Friday, however, next year I know to buy a ticket for both days!! 

DISCLAIMER: A H Nutritionist haven’t been asked to promote or endorse any of the products mentioned in this blog.

7th Nov 2013

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