Monday, 23 March 2015

Balancing out on holiday - Dubai 2015

I was truly blessed and fortunate enough to go on holiday recently to sunny Dubai with my mum. We had a nice break (away from cold London) filled with shopping, food and fun!

Dubai is in the Middle East, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was my third trip to Dubai and there is always something new to do and see. We went for a week and it went by too quickly, but at least we got to enjoy the change in scenery, culture and atmosphere. I love the travelling, I love the whole process; researching tickets and hotels, packing, going to the airport, flying and of course duty free shopping! 

Although, I was on holiday I did enjoy some naughty treats but I balanced it out with the healthy stuff and with lots of walking and some swimming too! I thought it would be mice to share some pictures from my trip with you. 

When you are away from home it is important to keep on track to some extent. At home we usually follow the 80/20 rule but this may shift to 70/30 or even 60/40 for some people. It is nice to try out the cultural food and drink or different foods that you may not get at home. And it is nice to just chill and relax and enjoy the cuisine without having to worry or think too much. 

But always keep in mind portion sizes and consider the healthy choices too. If you have them, great enjoy them, like the watermelon we used to have at our hotel breakfast, it was too delicious. A great hydrating fruit to help keep up our water intake in sunny Dubai. 

Here are some pictures from our hotel breakfast; they had a good selection and variety of hot and cold foods, all fresh and tasty. There were juices, eggs, cereals, fresh fruit, youghurt, cold meats, hummus, beans, pastries and cakes. Being a coffee lover I was very happy with the coffee machine! :-D - The orange juice was sooo tasty and refreshing, it really hit the spot as morning drink. The one thing that surprised me was seeing Stevia  at our hotel alongside the white and brown sugar, I have never seen this in any hotel outside the UK. Well done Hyatt! 


We went to the local supermarket and Carrefour. Shopping around Dubai I found that there is always a wide of everything, for example olives, you will find every kind out there, there's so many spices, nuts and seeds, all nicely presented too. And there's healthy options available fresh ready to eat, not just the fruits and juices but salads too. It just looked and tasted to scrummy


We had this amazing shop near our hotel called Juice World, they had fresh juices, smoothies, desserts of every combination possible. I had a guava and banana juice whilst my mum had the chiku juice. Not only was the juices refreshing their display of fruits was amazing and nothing like I have seen before. It was a tourist attraction within itself. They had made hanging necklace like displays, made from real fruits like; mangoes, pomegranates, oranges, bananas, all in a air conditioned room to keep it fresh. It was definitely something to see. 


I really enjoyed my trip, I love seeing new things and experiences to cultures and adventures. Hope you liked my little snippet of my holiday blog. Have you been anywhere recently? Any healthy stories or pictures to share? I would love to see them. Remember... 

Be Happy! Be Healthy!  

By Ayshabibi H. 
A H Nutritionist
23rd March 2015

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