Sunday, 15 February 2015

Healthy Update!

Hello! How are you? Yes I know its been a while since I have shared a blog with you all. But I hope you have all still been keeping well and healthy. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will have kept up-to-date with my healthy updates, so I won't have been a total ghost to you. 

I do love writing blogs and I have missed it, I will try not to leave it too late until the next one. My list of topics that I want to cover just keeps on growing and I really need to address them, but if you have anything that yo will like me to talk about, please feel free to drop me a message and I will add it to my list. Some of the things on my list are:
     - Low calories sweeteners
     - Review of adult yoghurts
     - Good carbs versus bad carbs
     - Healthy budgeting
     - And reviews of a few cafes I have been to recently...

February is healthy heart month and I have been sharing some healthy tips to keep your heart well and healthy, it is such a key and important organ of our body and I think we take it for granted, a risk to it can be very fatal. Also, this week is Pancake day, which I love as some of you may know, have fun but remember to keep it healthy! Feel free to browse through my previous pancake day posts to get some ideas: Healthy Recipes

Other upcoming health events/awareness days:
     -> Salt awareness week in March. 
     -> Nutrition and Hydration Week in March
     -> World healthy day in April
     -> National walking month in May

It is always important to be aware and keep learning about everything in life not just nutrition. There is always something new to learn about, just make sure it is accurate and reliable, with new information on health and well-being being thrown around everyday it is important to read the facts and separate them from fiction

I am hoping to deliver some one-off healthy workshops on:
     1. 'how to read food labels'
     2. healthy budgeting
     3. healthy parenting.
Yes they have been on my to-do list for a while but fingers cross they will actually take place this year, with your enthusiasm and support to learn about being healthy for the long term. 

I cannot believe we are half way through February already, the year is zooming past. I hope you are sticking to (or trying to stick to) your healthy goals that you have set for yourself, no matter how small or ambitious, I pray you get there. 

Be Happy! Be Healthy!

By Ayshabibi H. 
A H Nutritionist
15th February 2015

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