Monday, 2 June 2014

Review: E1 Restaurant

This new halal restaurant it's one I have been meaning to try as it serves halal breakfasts, including a full English. I went with my cousin for brunch, we both hadn’t been yet so it was a good chance to go and give it try. I was a little excited to try this new place out, well new to me anyway. Was I happy with my experience….ummmm well….read more to find out why I'm not rushing to go back.
E1 is a restaurant/café in Whitechapel on New Road. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and non-alcoholic mocktails which is always nice to have when you go out for a fancy meal.

The Place
We got there about 11:30 on a Sunday, and when we stepped in, it was absolutely empty. No diners at all, I was unsure if it was open, then the waiter appeared to seat us, at least we had the choice of sitting anywhere we liked. But still it felt a bit…ummm…not eerie but weird empty, not what I expected on a weekend.

We got out menus and I didn’t feel like the full English breakfast unfortunately so I opted for the Eggs Royale; smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce, and the carrot and apple juice. My cousin did have the full English with a glass of fresh orange juice, so at least I got to see and taste a bit of it too.

The Food - This is what my plate looked like.

Ok, so when I saw my plate the first thing I saw was the white bread and only lightly toasted, not very appealing. It just looked a little sad to me, with a whole load of coriander over it. They didn’t offer any other breads and maybe I should have asked, but they should have asked too, even if it was on English muffin that would have better. The taste was ok, nothing special a bit salty for my liking. The juice although I saw them use the juicer, it tasted a little different like it was watered down.

The full English had 2 eggs, baked beans, mushrooms (which I love so I nicked some), a sausage, a quarter of a tomato and instead of the turkey bacon my cousin asked for hash browns, to which they gave 1 hash brown. Ummmm… I don’t know but I’m used to hash browns being served in pairs.

The service was standard; polite and respectful. Left us alone to enjoy our meal in peace, as there weren’t any other customers to serve until later on when another couple of friends came too. So it was still quiet when we left.

The cost was reasonable. My eggs were £4.75 and the juice was £3 so total cost of my meal was £7.75, (not bad except for the juice). The full English cost £5.95, which you could say is very good value for money, not over-priced. You could go with your family or group of friends and not think about the bill being too much.

Overall, the experience was ok, vanilla, standard, nothing special. If I go again I’ll probably go to try out the lunch or dinner menu. For the place and the price it is value for money but they could probably do with some little tweaks to make it a little special and memorable because I’m in no hurry to go back.

Have you had a different experience, comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you too.

Be Happy! Be Healthy!

By Ayshabibi H.
A H Nutritionist
2nd June 2014

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