Friday, 2 May 2014

Live Below The Line Challenge 2014

Live Below the Line is an amazing annual challenge where many people live on £1 a day to raise awareness on poverty. Gandhi said – “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” Although, this week wasn’t ideal for me to undertake the challenge due to prior engagements, I did it for one day. And let me tell you it wasn’t easy.

At first, I thought £1 a day, that’s ok, it shouldn’t be too difficult, but of boy was I wrong! Once I got down to the nitty-gritty and worked out what I would need and how much a basic diet cost me, I had to keep cutting down my usual variety of food that I was used to. It was definitely an eye-opener and hats off to everyone else who carried it on for the whole five days of the challenge. 

I realised that I could only have 3 basic meals, and nothing else. I even went over 2pence! I couldn't 'afford' any snacks, and it was very difficult to try and keep it healthy too. I realised my fruit and veg intake was kinda low, so I opted for a five bean salad from a tin to help me get my fruit and vegs and protein. As you can see if I added any poultry, meat products or fish I would have gone very over my limit. 

Something we take for granted every day is a gift for many people suffering from extreme poverty. Hundreds of people took the challenge and hundreds others sponsored them to raise money. You can still donate to a certain participants/team who you may know undertook the challenge or you can donate directly to one of the many anti-poverty organisations.

There is a SISTERS Magazine team if you would like to donate to the lovely dedicated sisters - Some of the SISTERS Magazine team members were posting photos of their meals, and looking at their struggle was educational too. 

The Cause
Find out why over 25,000 people across the world have taken the challenge to eat and drink on £1 a day for 5 days, raising over £5.5 million for the world’s leading anti-poverty organizations.
Here’s my one day living on £1.

Live Below The Line Challenge! - £1 a day
Meal Time
Porridge = 15p
Milk = 5p
Green tea = 17p
Cup a soup = 30p
Ryvita crispbreads = 10p
Five Bean Salad = 25p
Wrap = 15p


Why don’t you try it yourself, share the experience with family and friends, as it is a very inspirational and humbling journey and just makes you realise how lucky we are to have food and drink every day, much more than £1/day.

Be Happy! Be Healthy!

By Ayshabibi H.
A H Nutritionist

2nd May 2014

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