Thursday, 28 January 2016

Shake Up Your Wake Up! - Healthy Breakfast 2016

Hello everyone! :-) How are you all? Hope you are well and healthy. Yes it has been a while and I have missed you all. Truly I have missed my nutrition world. The reason why I have been absent is because I have been busy with my other job at a lovely children's centre doing outreach work, which I am still currently doing. But today I worked as A H Nutritionist and did a healthy breakfast workshop to celebrate Shake Up Your Wake Up! and I loved it.

Today I am feeling so excited and energised that it has made me come back and write this blog post straight away. At the same time I have ideas running through my head which I am jotting down and I am looking ahead at future health awareness events (health heart month, salt awareness week). Working at the children's centre has helped me to keep in touch with a lovely audience; mums with children under 5. I have had some great opportunities to do some workshops around healthy eating, one of the favourites was the healthy snack art workshop. 

I do love being a nutrition, and I am not going to lie, I have gone off track lately. I thought the new year would kick start me but it has taken me a few more weeks to get me in the right mind frame again. 

The workshop went really well, we had some great feedback and I am always happy to see children as well as mums trying new foods or having it in a different way. Today we made the granola fruit pots and we experimented with different toast toppers. It's not always about trying new foods but talking to the parents to see what healthy ideas they have and what changes they are making, its all about making a difference. So I hope you are all keeping healthy by starting your day right with a good balanced breakfast. Whether you have 5 mins or 30 there is always something to have to fuel your day the right way.

If you would like some more information and recipes on healthy breakfast the Shake Up Your Wake team have done a great job, have look on their website:

I am really hoping that I can get back to nutrition world a lot more, I have been dipping in and out on Facebook and Twitter. But I would really like to do workshops and help people make positive healthy changes. Because that is what I like doing, I like to help people and see them smile and be happy!

So, if you have any ideas or would like to reach out to me please do so by simply sending me a message: Contact Me - Or just keep up to date with my social networks and I will be happy to see you there (Click on the icons on the right 'Join My Journey').
Be Happy! Be Healthy!

By Ayshabibi H. 
A H Nutritionist
28th January 2016

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