Tuesday, 26 August 2014

REVIEW: Creperie Du Monde

A review of one of my fave places to eat and drink. My go to place when I want to escape and want some good food to make me feel better. With the nice rustic décor and very friendly staff it's always a lovely place to go. 

The Place
I just had to do a review of one if my fave places, it's tasty, local, cosy, friendly and can be healthy if you choose the right things, like most places you choose to eat. After I eat and drink here I can still taste the food in my mouth and I think about how good it was all day. (Yes I dream about food, coffee too!). I love the cosy rustic décor, very retro, very chic. My kinda cafe. With the gold patterned plates and natural wood tables and chairs. There's always a bottle of water and cups at each table, saving you from asking them as soon as you get there. 

The Service
The staff are very nice and friendly and always care and listen to exactly what you want. Not too overbearing like some places can be, but just right. Over-hearing (not eavesdropping) their friendly banter and chats you can tell they are a nice little 'family'. Which is always gives it a nice feel to the place. 

The Food
Creperie, from its name offers predominately traditional creeps with many different fillings, both savoury and sweet, so great for a main meal or dessert. They also do fresh waffles, Climpsons and Sons coffee (lovely!!) as well as fresh juices. 

I went recently for their breakfast offers that they have at the moment; eggs (choices) or waffles (choice of 3 toppings) with tea or coffee for only £5. I decided to have the waffle with berries, bananas and honey and I had a flat white and decided to had to have a small glass of fresh orange juice too....It was a lovely sunny day so I felt like having something cold to drink first. Not only did it taste so good it looked soooo pretty too. Because it's all about the presentation too, we don't only eat with our mouths but with our eyes too. The more appealing the the food looks on the plate the better the experience and I can say I was very pleased :-D 

I have also tried the creperie one time with dark chocolate spread and strawberries and another time with poached eggs, salmon and asparagus. The sweet creperie was fine, I chose to have a wholemeal crepe, yes they offer white, wholemeal and gluten free crepes....but I did feel that they was a bit too much chocolate, I'm used to just drizzles of chocolate on my fruit. The savoury egg creperie was lovely. A nice filling meal which I had for lunch one day. And you can't go wrong with Climpson's coffee, yummy! 

The Cost
They do have the very attractive £5 breakfast offer at the moment, which is good enough to get me get out of bed early. However, outside of that for a crepe and a drink you would be looking to spend about £10.

Would I go here again, yes!! :-) I like to sit here, eat, write and even people watch....So if you're looking for some fresh tasty food, sweet or savoury this is a place to try out.


There are so many more cafés opening up in East London and I'm happy to be making my way round them, if you want to hear more about them comment below ->>>>

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By Ayshabibi H.
A H Nutritionist
26th August 2014

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