Friday, 11 January 2013

To Gym or Not To Gym?

My mum got a 1-day pass for a local gym which was due to expire soon and pushed me to use it, as she wasn't going to get the time to go herself. I have never been to a gym to do a proper workout, I did some classes some years ago with my sister, legs, bums and tums, but that was more for moral support and just something to do together.

Anyway, so I have never been to a gym to use the machines and facilities like gym members do. I usually get my regular exercise by walking everywhere, moving around a lot, doing housework and my new obsession, YouTube videos, the cost free exercises you could say.

I was a bit sceptical about going to the gym, because I didn't like the fact that there are other people there to see you sweat and workout, which I don’t find very pleasant. I felt that I would be a bit lost, not knowing what to do and what if I do something wrong? Like any girl I would feel conscious of my body and feel that people would judge me. So, after a big push from my dear mother (who always knows best) I got ready very quickly before I could talk myself out of it and headed out the door.

The gym was nice, the facilities were good and thank god it was a quiet day! There were other regular members but not as busy as I expected, everyone just knew what they were doing, going about their own workout routine. Thankfully, I found a friend who helped me with the machines and gave me a bit of advice with what machines to use first, second and third, because apparently there is a sequence to using the different machines, who knew?

I was there for 3 hours! Getting a good workout, sweating it up, losing those extra calories that somehow had got past my mouth(!) I used the treadmill, cross-trainer and the cycle machine, for longer than I thought I could endure, yes I surprised myself with my own fitness level, not that great but better than I expected.

To cool down and make use of the day pass, I ended my session with a nice relaxing time
in the sauna and steam room, which made me feel very happy and cleansed. I did feel good at the end of it all (except for my sore thighs and bum, which I can still feel!) I felt like I achieved something and gave something back to my body. No pain, no gain, right?

When I got back, my mum asked me if the day made me want to join the gym and become a member. It’s still a question that I am pondering over. I think the gym is a great way to stay fit and get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. It defiantly makes you motivated and puts you in the right mind frame once you walk through those doors, to get a good workout, whereas at home it can be easy to get distracted, unless you have a strong sense of self-control and great motivations levels.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments. Are you a gym member? Do you feel it is necessary especially with our obesity epidemic? Or do you think it is money wasted when we can get the same workout in other ways? I would love to hear from you, so please comment below (you can comment anonymously as well).

Look forward to hearing from you all. Leave your comments below. Thank you.                              
A H Nutritionist
11th Jan 2013

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